Training - The Experience


You will experience an immediate impact in 6 areas of your company, when you attend a BootCamp or begin the SGL Program:

  1. Vision, Values, Leadership
  2. Business Development
  3. Operations
  4. Finance
  5. Business Model and Planning
  6. Community Workplace


Learn it today, while applying it today!

You will solve your current business challenges by actively applying solutions during every SGL session. Each full-day session has new content, new knowledge transfer, new workbook, and new skills application, that are directly related to your company, to be used and assimilated throughout the month, until the next session.



To Learn, Assimilate and Master the art of achieving sustainable growth, you’ll experience any number of the 16 success factors we use throughout our program sessions.

  1. Enterprise Awareness Assessments
  2. Visual Presentations and Demonstrations
  3. Workbook
  4. Customized Activities
  5. Systems Training
  6. Tool Process Training
  7. Learning Partners
  8. Team Projects

9.   Living Case Studies
10. Leadership Role Tracking
11. Gap Analysis Surveys
12. Kinesthetic Exercises
13. Guest Speaker Presentations
14. Member Presentations
15. Master mentoring practise
16. Hands-on work sessions with coaches

This is not about sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture.

This is an active learning and mastering experience, for professionals who want real change in their business each month, and enhanced leadership skills to carry with them forever!

 SGL Success Factors