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About Us

Growth Curve Institute

Headquartered in beautiful Boulder Colorado, Growth Curve Institute provides leaders of small businesss (under 500 employees), the specialized knowledge, tools and expertise required to transform their organizations into profit driven, people-centric, leader aligned, growth smart companies. We are revolutionizing traditional concepts of how to navigate the precarious waters of growth with new approaches to business strategy, management, performance and decision making. We show business owners and executives in advance, what they will face internally at each stage of growth and how to meet the challenges before the business is in distress.

Our Mission

92% of private companies today score poorly on their “Business Report Card”. We believe this is unnecessary and can be turned around immediately by any small business owner or CEO who finds themself and their business in distress, no matter what Stage of Growth they are experiencing.

Our Vision is to facilitate the emergence of thousands of Sustainable Growth companies, as a primary mechanism for economic, social, and personal transformation in the next decade. Watch the video to see how our mission of promoting principled prosperity is a part of the vision for helping you.

Our Research

Based on over 30 years of business experience and research with CEOs, executive leaders, and managers from nearly 1,000 organizations, Growth Curve founders have designed a Sustainable Business Growth Program that systematically dismantles the obstacles blocking company leaders from building healthy organizations, and holistically addresses the fundamental structures and processes necessary for optimum performance throughout the organization.

We turn the national business report card of 85% of small business going under in ten years or 15% surviving, to 97% of the companies we train sustainably growing beyond that time. Our easy to take Business Assessments crunch 25,000 data points for a full diagnosis of your company. Our core intellectual capital has the unique ability to accurately predict the next set of challenges a company will face, and provide the correct solutions critical to addressing them without focusing on a "part" of the company at the expense of the whole. 

We offer innovative online tools, a peer advisory program, consulting and leadership training, specific to the 7 Stages of Growth, along with our Systematic Approach to Business Growth technology, to help business owners and executives adopt a company-wide methodology and communications mechanism, which allows them to pro-actively build their vision on a solid foundation, and lead with confidence.

Our Most Successful Customers

Over the years we've surveyed our clients and acquired company metrics to find that our most successful customers have the following traits:

  1. A passion to build a great company or organization
  2. An open mind for new knowledge and willingness to entertain contrarian viewpoints
  3. Continually learning and dedicated to the art of change and adaptation
  4. Humilty and a sense of humor about themselves
  5. Demonstrates a high degree of Integrity
  6. Comfortable with being Accountable to themselves and others
  7. Genuine interest in helping others
  8. Demonstrates a real commitment to continuous positive growth and transformation in their organization

Our Innovative Concepts

  • Systematic Approach
  • Seven Stages of Growth
  • Growth Curve Defined
  • Stewards of Prosperity

Systematic Approach CurveThe Systematic Approach

Would you like to build your business on a solid foundation which includes the four cornerstones every business must rise from? 

  1. Revenue Profit Driven
  2. People Centric
  3. Growth Smart
  4. Leader Aligned

Navigating the Growth Curve of your company profitably through all 7 stages of growth is a skill we teach business leaders, but it is also the integrated system we provide, which generates the necessary support in each of the four cornerstones, company-wide.

There are 5 business tools available for each of the four cornerstones. Together they are “The Systematic Approach to Business Growth." These tools will constantly inform you of the facts of your business, predict future challenges, and generate the highest performance and communication possible from your staff.

Do you have one integrated system your entire company is using?

To diagnose the health of your business and discover the solutions for your top 5 challenges, take our Business Assessment. 30 years of research and 25,000 data points are behind this assessment, which produces a powerful, customized report on your company in a few minutes.

It is our gift to you.

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The 7 Stages of Growth

We are the innovators of the “7 Stages of Growth.” Growth Curve founder James Fischer, discovered that every small business must pass through seven stages successfully in order to sustain future growth. Each stage of growth for any business is determined by the company’s complexity.

Complexity is determined by the number of people employed.

Each human being is a complex adaptive system, adding to the complexity of your organization. Your company is also a complex adaptive system, struggling within a complex industry, in an ever changing environment. This scenario of "layers of complexity" is found everywhere in nature, and it’s why we use images of nature throughout our site.

There are 10 hidden agents working in every stage of growth, and there are 5 areas of attention every leader must keep in focus in order to transition in a balanced way, to the next stage of complexity. If the hidden agents or the rules of growth are not known and applied, then profitability and growth are not sustainable.

Do you know what stage of growth your company is in?

Click on the link below to receive a free eGuide on the 7 Stages of Growth or take the free business assessment. They are our gift to you.

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Growth Curve DefinedGrowth Curve Defined

There is mathematical sequence found everywhere in nature that demonstrates a precise and balanced distribution of energy and proportional structure of any living organism. It is called, The Golden Ratio.

In business we find the Golden Ratio in healthy sustainable organizations that are able to navigate successfully between stagnation and chaos, or Preparation and Pressure, during each stage of growth. We call this powerful middle path of high performance, "The Growth Curve.”

The Nautilus Shell is our symbol for the perfect curve at every stage of growth, found in nature and graphically demonstrated by sustainable businesses.

Is your company following the optimal Growth Curve?

To diagnose the health of your business and discover the solutions for your top 5 challenges, take our Business Assessment. There is 30 years of research and 25,000 data points behind this assessment, which will produce a powerful, customized report on your company in minutes.

It’s our gift to you!

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Stewards of Prosperity

Stewards of ProsperityPrincipled prosperity is defined as the ethical acquisition and management of economic freedom. It considers the noble, visionary, focused and pragmatic well being of everyone and everything it touches. The drive for prosperity in all its myriad forms is the primal motivator behind the majority of individuals running small businesses today. The surprising fact is that only a small percent of business owners actually achieve the level of deep continuous prosperity that meets their expectations. Upon reflection this should urge us to re-examine our core beliefs of what prosperity is and how it is acquired. What we do know is that businesses survive, succeed and prosper, by creating real, long-term value in society through principled behavior. Principled Prosperity requires the demonstration of critical thinking and risk-taking skills to generate the greatest contribution to our company, our community and our environment.