Consulting - How It Works

Our Process For Serving Your Business Needs

  1. Email us or click on the "Consultation Request" button at the bottom of this page.
  2. We will send you our two free assessments, so that we can determine the stage of growth your business is in and the highest priority challenges you are facing at your company right now. 
  3. We will contact you to set a phone appointment and go over your assessment reports, giving you invaluable information about how to best impact your company right away. If there is a meeting of the minds, we will schedule an on-site appointment. 
  4. Our consulting specialist will come to your place of business to get a hands on view of how your company operates and go over your vision and goals, and current state of affairs in detail, using several of our proprietary Executive Tools; including our Xray, Business Modeling, Revenue Generator and Growth House Planning system. See the full list of Executive Tools not yet open to the public, which we use during our consulting sessions. This can be found in "The Experience" area of the Consulting page or click here. 
  5. We will then give you a step-by-step plan with timelines for completing certain business growth milestones. The plan must be viewed as a living, breathing, entity that morphs when new knowledge and change are introduced at your company. Together we’ll determine how much time your business needs to become a healthy, sustainable growth company, with the ability to predict it’s future with accuracy. 
  6. We will give you a comprehensive offer with a consulting fee grid, related to the areas of need for your business and designed for clarity of implementation for executives and managers.


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